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Thursday Weather Update

I just made a post on Facebook that I wanted to be sure you all received, as well. It continues to look like hefty rainfall amounts will cover the plateau by the time this system has wrapped up. Widespread totals of around 3″ of rain look likely, with isolated locations picking up 4-6 inches of rain. That could lead to some flooding, especially within heavier downpours. That is why a flood watch goes into effect at midnight tonight. The heaviest rainfall is expected during the day Thursday.

Then, we’ll see that transition to a light wintry mix Thursday night after midnight. That mix is unlikely to have a high impact to trees and powerlines, but it is likely to have high impacts to roadways. It doesn’t take much sleet at all to create very hazardous roadways. I would make arrangements for the kids to be home from school Friday, just in case.

The model below does a pretty good job showing what I’m expecting. The worst of the ice is expected to stay well to the west of the plateau and then lift northeast. We will be left with a light wintry mix that could have big impacts on Friday morning travel. This model begins this afternoon and runs hourly through Friday morning. The only thing this model doesn’t seem to be handling well is the amount of a mix (pink) that we’ll see Friday morning. I think we’ll see a bit more than what it’s showing. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

I’ll keep you all updated!

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