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One Last Update

Temps are starting to flirt with the freezing mark across various locations on the plateau. That means roads will start going downhill shortly after midnight, especially on bridges and overpasses. Air flows freely beneath them and cools them off quicker.

If you must be out in the morning please be careful. And keep in mind that road conditions can rapidly change over short distances. All it takes is one slick spot.

WeatherTAP radar shows a batch of wintry precip across West TN that will be moving in our general area over the next several hours. When that batch of moisture moves in our temps will be below freezing.

Keep in mind that this does not look like a snow scenario because the air up above is still very warm. This arctic air has just slipped beneath it. That is because cold, arctic air is (literally) heavy and dense and gravity pulls it to the surface. Warmer air is lighter and more easily rises. That means the cold air forces itself underneath the warmer air. That creates a scenario for freezing rain/sleet/snow.

Thankfully, our precip will be light enough that we don’t get an ice storm, but it will be enough to make roads hazardous in the morning. The diagram below shows how a “warm nose” of air aloft can change your precip type at the surface.

Freezing Rain and Sleet

I’ll have a full update in the morning!

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