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Temps Tumbling

It’s currently 54 degrees at my house in Rinnie (10 mi north of Crossville). It’s now 41 in Jamestown and 39 in Cookeville. The cold front is slowly crossing the plateau.

It will take temps some time to fall to freezing. By the time that has happened, much of the moisture will be moving out. However, there will be enough moisture left over to create a light wintry mix of sleet, rain drops, and some snow flakes. This could make for some slick spots on the roads in the morning.

Thankfully, moisture appears to have sped up, which will reduce impacts from the wintry mix. Some of you may not see anything at all. Once again the greatest risk for slick roads will be across Fentress County.

Keep in mind that all this rain we’ve had kept the road dept from pre-treating roads, as they often do. You can’t treat roads if rain is going to wash the treatment away. So, roads will be untreated as any wintry mix develops.

Regardless of any wintry mix, there is a LOT of water on a LOT of roads. With temps dropping into the 20s tonight, those wet spots could become icy spots. Drive with care.

The winter weather advisory goes into effect at 8:00. I’l update again later.

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