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Winter Weather Update

Temps remain in the mid to upper 30s in the Nashville area. The plateau is in the low 50s. Rain is overspreading Middle TN and will do so the rest of this day.

A winter weather advisory goes into effect shortly after dark. The greatest risk for icing will be across Fentress County, though all of the plateau is at risk for icing on roadways.

If you have plans to travel west today you need to be very aware of road conditions. Travel west of Nashville is strongly discouraged. Road conditions can be monitored via TDOT at

Please note that the ice storm out west is not moving east. We continue to not expect ice storm conditions on the plateau. The greatest impact of icing will be to roadways.

You all take care and be safe out on roadways even today. Heavier downpours could lead to ponding of water and that’s no fun if you hit that stuff going to fast….

My advice remains unchanged…be home safe and sound by dark or soon thereafter.

2 thoughts on “Winter Weather Update

  1. Great work Mark! Recently (two months) introduced to your local perspective, have grown to not pay attention to any other weather source. Your modelig and experience on the timing of significant events is uncanny. Keep it up!

  2. My friend told me about you and I am interested in receiving emails concerning our weather. Thank you for this service!

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