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Winter Weather Update 8:45

Temps continue to drop across the plateau but it should be closer to midnight before any slick spots begin to develop. Still, it’s nice to be safe and sound at home right now. The ground is so cold from the past few weeks that it will likely not take long for sub-freezing temps to start creating slick spots.

Also, be careful on those porch steps, etc. in the morning. Freezing drizzle is likely tonight and it can form a nearly invisible film of ice that can send your tail flying through the air faster than you’d like! lol There are only two times you’ll see MM dancing…when I get on a snake and when I step on a patch of ice I didn’t expect. lol

Be thankful we’re not getting an ice storm! Aint nobody got time for that, am I right? ha

I have exactly 3.0 inches of rain in my rain gage. We had actually gone into a precip deficit (though a very small one) on Tuesday, which was the first time we had done that in 2022. That has been taken care of now.

Incidentally, 24 years ago this evening the plateau was in the middle of an unexpected snowstorm. A cold rain had turned to wet snow and anywhere from 10-20 inches of snow covered the plateau by the time the storm was finished. People were stranded on I-40 at Monterey for up to 18 hours. Damage to trees and powerlines across the plateau was incredible. So, let’s be thankful this 3 inches of rain isn’t snow. Lord help us….I’d have about 30 inches of snow right now! lol (I literally just got myself staring off into space, wondering how kinda awesome that would be. haha!)

For the rest of ya….spring is 44 days, 2 hours, and 14 minutes away (as of 8:45) lol

You all stay safe and warm!

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  1. Thanks, Mark. Your weather reports are the ones I go to, and I’m so thankful for forecasts!

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