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4:15 Weather Update

Ok. I’m out of jail now, so I can more closely monitor the weather. (LOL) For those who don’t know, I teach in the jail on Thursdays. Sometimes I forget to mention the teaching part and leave people very puzzled. haha

Storms are currently moving into the Nashville area. This means the timing of the storms is right on schedule.

I have two pieces of good news. First, the storms have been intense but they’ve done a fairly good job behaving themselves. Let’s hope that continues. Keep in mind that the storms are supposed to be at their worst right now and then weaken as they move toward us. If they’re are already less intense than they could be, we could be looking much better here.

As I’ve said, the threat has never looked that high for our area and that continues to be the case. Nevertheless, there is a LOT of wind energy today and it won’t take much of a storm to put down a 65-70 mph wind gust.

The other good news is that this is a fast-moving line. It will be in and out in a dash.

Rain out ahead of the line is helping stabilize the atmosphere. That always helps us out a bit.

So, my concern remains low but not zero. Let’s be weather-aware for when this line arrives in a couple of hours.

The line should be moving onto the plateau between 5:30 and 6:30.

The radar below shows the line coming into Nashville. It’s a narrow, fast-moving line. There’s not much lightning with this and there’s no hail. I highlighted Cumberland and Fentress Counties.

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