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5:45 Update

Storms are approaching and winds are increasing. Southerly winds ahead of the line will be strongest over the next hour. Be prepared for some power outages across the plateau. Winds could gust to 45 mph even before the storms get here.

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a statement warning of damaging wind gusts with this line. That’s what we’ve been bracing for.

The threat continues to look low but not zero. The line will be crossing the plateau over the next couple of hours. There is very little lightning with this line and very little to no hail. Nevertheless, damaging straight-line winds are a threat.

As you can see on radar, storms are closing in on Cookeville.

I just created a YouTube that explains what we’re dealing with today and what we’ll likely deal with again over the spring months. Sometimes, like today, the winds aloft tilt the storm clouds so far on their side that hail and lightning struggle to occur. I’ll have another lesson that later on.

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