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11:15 Weather Update

The line of storms continues to slowly weaken. Gusty winds and heavy downpours may still occur with this line. Much of the guidance is now suggesting that this activity will stabilize our atmosphere and spare of us of the threat that could come later this evening. That is certainly a possibility and I’m seeing chatter at the Storm Prediction Center that suggests they are coming around to that line of thinking as well. So, while this activity may cause some gusty winds and heavy rainfall, it could spare of us of a more significant threat that could have evolved this evening. That’s good news!

I’ll continue to watch this line, though I see no reason for it to strengthen. It has left the most unstable environment that is found back around Nashville. Radar reflectivities have been slowly weakening. I’ll keep a close eye on things and let you know how things evolve.

You all take care!

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  1. Thankyou mark so much

  2. Great info & cool how passionate you are about it!

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