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9:45 Storm Update

Good morning, everyone! There has been some confusion about the timing of today’s storms and I’d like to take a minute to shed some light on that. Other news outlets have reported that we should be weather-aware this afternoon. I normally don’t address other forecasts but there’s a legit reason for the confusion that I need to address.

The confusion stems from a line of storms that has been very persistent this morning. This line showed up in models a couple of days ago but then most of our guidance backed off of it and suggested it would weaken dramatically before reaching the plateau. It is weakening, but not dramatically.

On the WeatherTAP image below, you see the red-circled area. That’s a special discussion that was just issued by the Storm Prediction Center. They state that as this line moves east it should slowly weaken. Our surface boundary layer is rather stable (albeit windy!) and that should help us out. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see this line lift north and/or weaken over the next few hours. The greater threat for us continues to look like the evening hours after sunset. Even then, our overall threat is still on the low end side of things, as it looks right now.

I’ll keep an eye on things. At this time, there are no watches anywhere near our area and none are planned. The only warning is the one in Kentucky and that will not affect either Cumberland or Fentress County. We’re still looking good for the next several hours. That break in precip you see on the radar image above is giving us quite the break in precip.

You all take care and be safe out in all this wind.

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