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Severe Threat Diminishes (1:35 Update)

While I can’t say we’re completely out of the woods, these showers arriving at the time of day when we would be heating up and destabilizing is a Godsend. I foresee severe probabilities dropping even more than they are now.

From about 6:00-10:00 tonight we have good chances for rain and thunderstorms. Some of the rainfall could be heavy and I can’t completely rule out a strong or even briefly severe storm. Widespread severe weather is not expected.

So, this is some good news and we should be thankful for it. We all know there’s a lot more spring to come. We’ll take the breaks when we get them.

Again, widespread severe weather is not expected, but one or two strong storms could still occur.

Thursday continues to look very wet. At this time, severe weather looks highly unlikely with that.

Sunday continues to look interesting for possible snow, though much could change with that. I also haven’t forgotten Friday morning’s chances, though it looks less likely that the cold air can catch the rain before it completely moves out. I’ll watch that closely.

You all take care and be safe on these wet roads, especially after dark.

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