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Winter Storm Update

WHAT: A winter Storm of several inches of snow

BEGINS WHEN: Friday night (mainly after midnight)

IMPACTS: Travel issues and possible power outages through the weekend

IMPACTS: Strong, gusty winds Friday night through Saturday will make it feel much colder. Winds could also lead to blowing/drifting snow.

Please note that this storm will affect the entire state of Tennessee!


After a very mild Friday, a potent arctic cold front will move through Friday evening. At the same time this is happening, a Gulf low will be spinning up and throwing moisture northward. The combination of significant moisture and bitter cold air will provide the perfect ingredients for heavy snow on the plateau. There is even the possibility of thundersnow in isolated locations.

Please keep in mind that wet snow tends to stick to roadways almost immediately upon starting, despite warm surface temperatures. We’ve seen this happen many, many times before. Don’t be stranded on roads because you thought the road was too warm for snow to stick.

The snow may be a heavy wet snow. Damage to trees and power lines will be possible if that is the case.

Keep in mind that forecast changes could occur on Friday. Snowfall amounts have been trending upward. If that trend continues, snow amounts may be raised. Stay tuned.

Friday is the time to prepare.

Other Info

Make sure you have a good source of heat for Saturday night. With overnight lows of around 10 degrees, make sure you have at least two sources of heat. Be especially prepared to heat in case of a loss of electricity.

Make sure your elderly and/or disabled neighbors know of the coming bad weather and are prepared.

Don’t forget the outside fur babies! Make sure they are dry and protected from the winds. It’s been very mild lately and the bitter cold temps will come as quite a shock.

For road conditions please see,traffic

For power outage information please see

FYI, many people say this is the perfect time to sow grass seed! Sow the seed just before the snow starts and the snow will help the seed work into the ground, along with providing lots of needed moisture. Some gardeners advise sowing the seed on top of the snow.

Also, one good thing about the snow is that it will protect the ground and budding flowers from the bitter cold temps Saturday night.

Simulated Radar

The radar simulation below begins at 1:00 pm Friday and ends at 8:00 a.m. Saturday. The radar moves in one-hour increments. The radar simulation likely moves snow out too quickly Saturday morning. Other than that, it looks on track!


PLEASE read the notes at the bottom of each graphic.

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