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Winter Storm Update (9:00 pm)

A winter storm continues to evolve for our state. The snow is making its way closer to the plateau at this hour. The leading edge of that snow is at about Lebanon and moving east.

The NWS has upgraded the Nashville area to a winter storm warning. They were under a winter weather advisory but snow amounts are looking higher for them now. Now, most of Middle TN and all of East TN are under winter storm warnings. What a storm!

The Storm Prediction Center just issued a special discussion for our area that highlights the possibility of heavy periods of snow tonight that could reduce visibility to near zero while driving. Some of the snowfall could come down heavy enough to enough produce thundersnow.

Winds will continue to increase as we go through the night, as well. For those of you who remember the “Blizzard of ’93” you’ll understand why I keep calling this a “mini ’93”. (ha) Interestingly enough, the Blizzard of ’93 began on the 12th of March. The official forecast was for 4-6 inches of snow. We ended up with 18-24 inches. That situation was quite different from tonight’s, with the biggest difference being that this system is moving quicker.

Most of the snow should be over with by 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

I just looked on the power outage map and more than 4,000 people are in the dark in Memphis because of the snow. Be prepared for power outages tonight and tomorrow, just in case. That map can be found at

You can track road conditions at,traffic. You can see right now how bad the interstate is in West TN. I’d expect the same here later tonight.

The radar simulation has been updated and is still on track. This runs from 9:00 pm tonight to 9:00 am in the morning. The simulation moves in one-hour increments. This simulation has performed very well for this event.

You all take care! I’ll update again when the snow is moving in! Be wrapping up your evening plans and start heading toward home if you’re not already. I think roads will be fine until 10:00 but I make no promises after that! ha

As for church on Sunday…that’s a tough call. We’ll just wait and see how much snow we get.

And I’m not touching the school snow day forecast for Monday with a ten-foot pole. LOL Again, let’s see what happens tonight.

I’m ready for it. I love March snow because it comes and goes so quickly. Temps will be back in the 60s next week!

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