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Storms Moving Out

The last of the strongest storms are now moving out of Cumberland County, thus ending the severe weather threat for both Cumberland and Fentress Counties.

Temps are now dropping across the plateau, so make sure you don’t dress to go out this evening like you dressed to go out this morning! ha

This event is a good example of what can happen when the atmosphere above just isn’t in the mood to misbehave. To get a robust severe weather event, both the surface and the atmosphere above have to be in sync. There are plenty of examples of severe weather days when only one or the other were ready to misbehave, though, so we’re right to be weather-aware anytime we have a chance for severe storms.

There are still some heavy showers scattered about eastern Middle TN, but the severe threat has ended.

Now, we turn our attention to Friday, which could be a very interesting day. Super cold temps in the atmosphere could lead to some thunder during the afternoon….which could also be accompanied by sleet mixed with the rain showers (no accumulation). That weird situation then turns to snow showers Friday night and Saturday morning (light accumulation?).

Buckle up, folks. It’s spring on the plateau! I love weather.

You all take care! I’ll have a full update in the morning.

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  1. Thank you for all your attentive work. I love reading your posts and finding out what is coming for us!!

    Do you have any idea what sat & sun west / NW of nashville will be like? We would like to sight see that area.


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