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Friday Night Weather Update


Severe storms are threatening portions of West TN this evening, but those will not directly affect us here on the plateau. Those storms are moving more southeastward instead of eastward.

Other storms with that disturbance will make a move our way after midnight. Those storms are not expected to be severe.

Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you hear thunder later tonight. With cooler air here at the surface and a bit warmer air aloft, any thunder we get tonight could be louder than usual. That’s what happened to us last Monday night with those noisy storms. Hopefully we won’t have as many storms tonight, though.

There is also the possibility for some small hail if any storm can get stronger.

Radar Simulation

This radar simulation begins at midnight and ends at 7:00 a.m. Notice the storms are much more intense across West TN.

Some heavy downpours are possible across our area tonight, as well as thunderstorms. Storms should stay below severe limits. I have noticed that some models have trended a little heavier with rainfall for tonight.


While this is a vigorous disturbance, our surface conditions are not very conducive for severe storms. Just don’t be surprised if you hear some loud thunder tonight.

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