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7:45 Weather Update

The radar in our neck of the woods continues to look good! As I drove home this evening, I could see some towering thunderheads in Kentucky. Those storms are certainly intense, with several tornado warnings right now. BUT, that is sliding east and will not affect us.

Our atmosphere is still unstable but, as the sun sets and the surface cools, it should become less unstable. Short term models show some storms developing around Livingston to Jamestown around midnight but that is quite uncertain.

So, I’m feeling like we’ve dodged another one, with Kentucky taking one on the chin for us this time.

After dark, you might look north and see some distant lightning (heat lightning) with some of those taller thunderheads.

We have another low-end threat tomorrow afternoon and evening. We’ll pray we’re as lucky as today.

I had a great MM kids class this evening, especially with severe storms in Kentucky and the class topic being tornadoes. On top of that, today is the anniversary of the May 18, 1995 Tansi tornado.

I had some GREAT kids in class who had the best questions! I have a feeling there were several future MM’s in there! ha TCAT was, as usual, wonderful hosts.

Tomorrow evening is my first MM kids class in Fentress County! That class will be hosted by the Roane State Clarkrange campus. I can’t wait to see how that goes!

You all take care. I’ll jump back on here if needed. Otherwise, I’ll have my usual update in the morning.

The current radar below shows how lucky we were. Three tornado warning are ongoing in southeast Kentucky just north of the Tennessee border

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