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6:15 Weather Update

We continue to appear to be in pretty good shape for this evening. Storms are firing on radar across southern Middle TN but they are, so far, staying below severe limits. With that being said, we still have the risk for a strong to even briefly severe storm this evening. The overall severe threat, however, is low.

As I stated earlier today, sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of two areas of severe weather. When that happens we tend to get the better end of the deal, with only general thunderstorms.

The Storm Prediction Center continues to highlight areas to our north and south (yellow-shaded) in slightly higher risks for severe weather for this evening.

You all have a good evening and remember to move indoors if you hear thunder. We’re in the time of year when lightning becomes more prevalent. I’ll jump back on here if needed. Otherwise, I’ll have a full update in the morning.

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