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Sunday Evening Wx Update

So far, so good. The complexes of storms that have been developing to our northwest today have also been collapsing. Something in the atmosphere is just not supporting the storms. That could change, but time is running out for support from the heat of the day.

Nevertheless, some guidance suggests that as we get into the evening a storm or two could develop. If that should happen, those storms could be strong. We remain outlined in the marginal risk for severe weather this evening. This is the lowest of the five severe weather risk categories.

Outflow boundaries left behind from storms to our north today could drift south overnight. That could be enough to kick off another storm or two later into the night.

With all this being said, rain chances are quiet low today and tonight. Just be aware that if one of these develops it could be strong.

Get ready to stay cool tomorrow! The latest data points to tomorrow being our first 90-degree day of the season.

If something develops this evening that you should know about I’ll jump back on here. Otherwise, I’ll see ya in the morning!

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