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Thursday Lunchtime Wx Update

I hope you all are having a good Thursday. I want to first of all thank those of you who have made me aware of the emails being cutoff to the right. That has been an ordeal to fix but I think WordPress has finally figured it out! It’s actually the wind data graphic that I share. It’s been messing with the margins. So, I’ll have to figure out a new way to show the wind forecast. Thanfully, that’s an easy fix!

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This morning’s storms were a bit rowdy but the rain is needed. The drought monitor updated this morning and drought conditions continue to expand across the state. While we are getting enough rain in many locations to keep the grass green, the water table continues to drop. That’s a problem when we still have so much summer and fall weather left to come.

An active tropical season is still forecast, so there’s always the hope of a good soaker from one of those systems.

The updated drought map is shown below. I also included last week’s for comparison.

This week’s drought map. Many of us are doing alright in the Upper Cumberlands, but worsening drought conditions are very nearby.

Last week’s drought map.

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