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Sunday Evening Wx Update

I’ve been tracking a complex of very intense thunderstorms that are just now approaching the border of West Tennessee. These storms are severe, with damaging winds being reported, along with very heavy rainfall and continuous lightning. They are moving in our general direction.

The good news is that our atmosphere is stabilizing in this night air. However, this complex may keep kicking enough to wake some of us up early in the morning. These complexes tend to fluctuate their forward motions, increasing in speed and then slowing down. I would estimate the time of arrival for this complex to be between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m.

These storms should weaken as they cross the state but that is not a guarantee. Hopefully they will dissipate. Many of us need rain but we don’t need high winds and these storms could certainly produce heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

Keep all of this in mind for your morning commute, especially if you live where heavy rain fell this evening. Some areas of southwest Cumberland County recorded 2-4 inches of rain this evening! That makes those areas especially vulnerable to more flooding.

The radar image below shows the comlex of storms I’m tracking as it approaches West Tennesse and Kentucky. I’ll have a full update in the morning. If needed, I’ll jump back on here later tonight. I’ll be sleeping with my weather radio on. I would advise the same for you all, just in case we need it.

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