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3:40 a.m. Weather Update

Who needs sleep, right? (ha) On a more serious note, a new severe t-storm warning is now in effect for northwest Cumberland County and southern Fentress. This includes Rinnie, Woody, Pleasant Hill and Isoline in Cumberland County. This includes all of you in Clarkrange in Fentress County and a bit of Grimsley. Storms have pushed south of Jamestown.

Thes warnings are for both storms dropping in from the northwest and from a storm to our west that will be moving in over the next hour. Warnings are likely to be extended for more of Cumberland Conty as the night goes on. The current warnings expire at 4:15.

I highlighted the borders of Cumberland and Fentress counties on the radar image below. Also note that many of these storms are producing very heavy rainfall. Keep this in mind for your morning commute, as there may still be water on the roads then and possibly even some washed out.

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