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4:45 a.m. Wx Update

The severe t-storm warning is now only in effect for the southern half of Cumberland County. Much of the strongest activity has pushed south of the interstate. Very frequent lightning, very heavy rainfall, and gusty winds continue to be the main threat. Some of those gusts may reach 60 mph, which is enought to take down some trees.

I’ve picked up 2.25″ of rain here in Rinnie from this event. Please be safe on area roads during your morning commute. There will likely be water on the roads and in some instances roads may have washed out. Be especially leary of areas where you know water is prone to accumulate on the roads.

I know many of you have missed me on Facebook. They continue to disable my account. I have kept this website going, though. Make sure you have multiple ways of reaching my website. Facebook is quite unreliable. Keep in mind I have a Twitter page and Twitter is much easier to work with and trust. They automatically post my blog updates for me. Find me at @meteo_mark. I will actively pursue other ways for you to stay in touch.

The current radar is shown below. Activity is pushing south and east.

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