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Wednesday Evening Wx Update

The front that has given us high rain chances but not much rain in the bucket continues to tease us. One look at the radar and you might be convinced we’d get rain this evening. However, it appears the line of storms north of Nashville is trying to scoot more east than south now and the backend seems to be trying to pull a bit north. So, I guess time will tell if any of this comes southward. I will say that you folks in Fentress County have a higher rain chance than those of us in Cumberland overnight.

By Thursday, the front should finally sag far enough south to give us much better rain chances. I’ll believe it when I see it at this point. ha I should note that there have been storms around this week and some of them have produced very heavy rainfall. They’ve just been a bit few and far between.

Radar below shows storms trying to hug the TN/KY border. Tomorrow, the front sags into TN, giving us much better rain chances.

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