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5:45 Weather Update

We continue to have strong, sometimes severe, storms showing up on radar. Some of you may have noticed a tornado warning to our southwest, moving toward Spencer and staying south of Sparta. I should note that our environment is not supportive of tornadoes. But, every once in a while a summer storm will get a bit too intense and show strong enough rotation to prompt a warning. This is unlikely to hold together to get to Cumberland County and would only affect the southernmost tip of the county, as it is moving east.

Never the less, let’s be weather-aware as these storms make their way toward the plateau. The storms, with or without any rotation, are capable of producing damaging wind gusts, very heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning. Flash flooding is certainly a possibility with stronger storms.

The current radar shows strong storms to our west, making their way toward the plateau. The tornado warning is outlined in the box. Again, that storm is moving east and will stay south of county and will likely not be tornado-warned for much longer. That current warning expires at 6:00.

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