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Saturday Night Wx Update

It’s been an interesting evening on the plateau, especially for you folks across the very southern sections of Cumberland County. Some areas have reported 2-4 inches of rain down there. That’s why a flood advisory was issued.

Many of us stayed dry today but some of you found yourselves under some very efficient rain-making storms.

More rain is expected overnight and on Sunday and that’s concerning for you folks who picked up so much rain today. ALL of us are at risk for flash flooding on Sunday. Keep in mind that ANYONE can be at risk for flash flooding. All it takes is too much rain falling too fast to lead to a sudden rise in waters. The waters may recede quickly since we’re on this plateau, but the damage is done by then. Also, remember to never drive across a flooded roadway, especially if you can see the water moving. It doesn’t take much water to land you in a heap of trouble….trouble that could cost you your life.

The weather map for tomorrow from the Weather Prediction Center highlights our area in the flash flood risk.

We are also highlighted on their “extreme precipitation map” as being in the risk for flooding.

The HRRR, a short term model that performs well for predicting radar, is showing plenty of chances for storms that could produce very heavy rainfall in our area. Not all of us will see the heaviest rain, but those of you who do could pick up substantial rainfall amounts. This model run begins at mignight and goes through midnight Sunday in one-hour increments. Don’t focus on exact placement of activity (the model is good but not good enough to show exact placement of activity). Instead, note the trend.

I’ll update again in the morning. Hopefully the rain will fall over a period of time and over enough of the landscape to prevent any serious flash flooding issues.

I should note that areas of eastern Kentucky that have been davastated by historic flash flooding are in the risk tomorrow, as well. Let’s keep those folks close to our hearts. The death toll is at 25, including four kids from one family. It is feared the death toll could rise, especially if they get more flooding tomorrow. Hopefully, tomorrow’s weather will have more mercy on those folks.

Much of southern Kentucky is under flood watches for tomorrow but there have been none issued for Tennessee so far. That could certainly change. I’ll keep an eye on things and give you all a full update in the morning.

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