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MM’s Sat Wx Forecast for Aug 13

View of the Moon in August of 2021, and the corresponding geologic map. Image Credit: NASA, SVS, Ernie Wright; Map Credit: USGS

Look for the Perseids this weekend! They’re visible anytime tonight.

For the best chance of seeing a meteor, look northeast, toward the end of the Big Dipper’s handle.

Wx Summary

A very pleasant August Saturday is in store for us today, with comfortable temps and low humidity. It’s a great day to get outside! Clear to partly cloudy skies tonight will make for some good night sky viewing, so take advantage of that, too! By Sunday, humidity increases just a bit but it should still be a pleasnant day. Humidity returns for next week and that will create at least slight chances for isolated showers and storms each day, espcially in the afternoon.

This Week’s Hazards

MM’s Wx Vlog 

Five-Day Outlook

Weather Forecast

Saturday: Mostly sunny with low humidity. Pleasant. Wind becoming south at 5 mph.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. A bit more humid. A slight chance for an isolated afternoon or evening shower or storm. Southwest wind at 5 mph.

Monday: Partly cloudy with a chance for mainly isolated afternoon and evening showers and storms. Humidity increases a bit more. Northwest wind at 5-10 mph.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Partly cloudy, with a slight chance for isolated showers and storms, especially in the afternoons. Light north wind at 5 mph.

On This Day 

1985 – Hail larger than golf balls, driven by 70 mph winds, moved down crops, stripped trees, and broke windows, near Logan, Kansas. Road graders cleared three foot drifts of hail on Kansas Highway 9 east of Logan.

1942 – The ‘Manhattan Project‘ commences, under the direction of US General Leslie Groves: its aim – to deliver an atomic bomb.


Morning Low Temps & Departure from Average

This morning’s low temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating low temps that were above average and bluer colors indicating temps that were below average. White areas indicate temps were averge for this time of year.

Today’s High Temps & Departure from Average

Today’s high temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating low temps that were above average and bluer colors indicating temps that were below average.

Drought Outlook 

The drought map is updated each Thursday. This week’s map shows improving conditions across Middle and East TN, where the only dry conditions to be found are across western Middle TN. West TN’s drought conditions improved from last week. The estimated number of Tennesseeans in drought conditions is 1,793,835.

For more info, just follow my link at

Hurricane Forecast

A disturbance off the coast of Texas continues to be monitored, though its chances for development are quite small. There are numerous indicators pointing to a more active tropical period coming over the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

MM Classes for Kids

The next MM kids class at TCAT in Crossville will be Wednesday, August 17 at 4:30. This class is now FULL but you can be added to the wait list at

That class topic is telescopes, with emphasis on the new NASA James Webb telescope! The Crossvilel Chronicle will be there to cover the class!

Next month’s topic will be the Artemis mission, as Artemis 1 is scheduled to launch at the end of this month! That mission will eventually take us back to the Moon and on to Mars! I’ll have more info on that class coming soon!

Registration for the Clarkrange Artemis class for Sept. 1 is now open! That registration form can be found at


The monthly MM newsletter offers an in-depth look into the MM kids’ classes, the weather and climate of the plateau, and other interesting weather/space stories happening both locally and around the world!

The monthly MM newsletter pays for for materials for the free kids’ classes. Those subs are only $5 monthly or discounted to $50 per year ( Donations are also gladly accepted at PayPal ( or P.O. Box 51, Clarkrange, TN, 38553. Try a free sample at today!


Other important information will be shared when needed. This includes additional severe weather information, model data, drought info, hurricane info, and more. Many of these can be found as tabs to this page at any time.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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