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MM’s Sun Wx Forecast for Aug 21

On August 21, 1965 NASA launched Gemini 5 from Cape Kennedy, Florida aboard a Titan II rocket. It was the first long duration space flight and the first test of a fuel cell system that could function long enough to fly men to the Moon and back. Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad spent 8 days in orbit circling the Earth 120 times. The mission was important for its experiments in the effects of long-term weightlessness. Gemini 5 set a new human spaceflight endurance record, exceeding the Soviet record of 5 days.

Wx Summary

An August “cold front” is expected to cause numerous showers and storms to develop across the plateau for our Sunday. Indoor plans are recommended. Some of the rainfall could be heavy and a few storms could be strong, with gusty winds being the main threat. By Monday, the front slips farther south and reduces rain chances to 30%. Tuesday and Wednesday look mostly sunny and dry. I should note that if the front stalls out closer to our area than expected, storm chances will be introduced back into the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. Another frontal system begins approaching for the end of the week. That frontal system will lead to an increase in shower and storm chances once again.

This Week’s Hazards

MM’s Wx Vlog 

Five-Day Outlook

Weather Forecast

Sunday: Rain and storms are likely. Some of the rainfall could be heavy and a few storms could be strong. Southwest wind at 5 mph.

Monday: A chance for showers and thunderstorms. West wind at 5 mph.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Partly cloudy, with only the slightest risk for an afternoon shower or storm. Northwest wind at 5 mph.

Thursday: A chance for showers and storms, especially in the afternoon and evening.

MM’s Severe Wx Concerns 

 Storm Prediction Center Forecast Threats for Today

As shown on the upper left panel above, the SPC has placed our region in the Marginal Risk for severe storms for today.

Severe Weather Safety 

HRRR Radar Model

This radar simulation runs from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. this evening. This particular model is likely not showing as many showers and storms as there will be, but it still gives a good idea of what to expect.

On This Day 

1983- Crossville reports its highest temperature ever in August, at 99 degrees.

2017 – Dubbed the “Great American Eclipse” by the media, this total solar eclipse was visible within a band that spanned the contiguous United States from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts. The total eclipse path crossed directly over Crossville.


Today’s High Temps & Departure from Average

Today’s high temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average high temps and bluer colors indicating below-average high temps. White coloration indicates average temps.

Highest temp expected today: 117 degrees (red star)

Coolest high temp expected today: 40 degrees (blue star)

Tomorrow Morning’s Low Temps & Departure from Average

Tomorrow morning’s low temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average low temps and bluer colors indicating below-average temps. White coloration indicates average temps expected.

Warmest overnight low expected: 92 degrees (red star)

Coolest overnight low expected: 33 degrees (blue star)

Past 24-Hour Precip Totals 

Portions of central and southern Cumberland County received very heavy rainfall Saturday evening, as you can see on the map below.

Drought Outlook 

The latest drought map was released on Thursday and shows improving conditions across the state of Tennessee. Rainfall over the past week has helped improve soil moisture conditions across much of the state. For more drought info, please visit my link at

Hurricane Forecast

A tropical wave will be monitored over the coming days as it crosses the eastern Atlantic. Chance for development is low but certainly not zero.

Other important information will be shared when needed. This includes additional severe weather information, model data, drought info, hurricane info, and more. Many of these can be found as tabs to this page at any time.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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