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MM’s Sat Wx Forecast for Aug 27

NASA launched Mariner II on this day in 1962. Mariner flew past Venus and was the first robotic space probe to conduct a successful planetary encounter. Credit: NASA

Wx Summary

High pressure is control this weekend and that will lead to only isolated showers and storms each day, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours. By Monday, a cold front begins approaching the region and that will set of scattered showers and storms. Those should continue into the night and then increase in coverage on Tuesday. The front sweeps rhrough the area Tuesday night, taking showres and storms with it. That sets the stage for a nice Wednesday with lower humidity values.

This Week’s Hazards

MM’s Wx Vlog 

Five-Day Outlook

Weather Forecast

Saturday & Sunday: A slight chance for an isolated shower or storm, especially in the afternoon and evening. Calm wind.

Monday: Scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon. Storm chances continue overnight. South wind at 5 mph.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms likely. Southwest wind at 5 mph.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny & pleasant. Northwest wind at 5 mph.

MM’s Severe Wx Concerns 

Widespread severe weather is not expected over the weekend, but anyone with outdoor plans will need to keep a close eye on the radar. Any storm that develops, though isolated, will have cloud-to-ground lightning, gusty winds, and heavy rainfall.

HRRR Radar Model

This radar simulation begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 9:00 pm. Notice the isolated nature of todays’s showers and storms. Not everyone will get them, but the ones that do could recieve very heavy rainfall. The same will be true for Sunday. Rain chances each day are set at 20%.

On This Day 

1992- Middle Tennessee is hit by three F-0 tornadoes. Four people are injured near Lewisburg. The tornadoes were spawned from the remnants of Hurricane Andrew, which had made landfall on the Gulf Coast the day before. Andrew was a cat 5 hurricane when it struck southern Florida on August 24th, one of only four cat hurricanes to ever strike the U.S.

1883 – Krakatoa volcano, west of Java in Indonesia, erupts with a force of 1,300 megatons and kills approximately 40,000 people.


Today’s High Temps & Departure from Average

Today’s high temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average high temps and bluer colors indicating below-average high temps. White coloration indicates average temps.

Highest temp expected today: 117 degrees (red star)

Coolest high temp expected today: 33 degrees (blue star)

Tomorrow Morning’s Low Temps & Departure from Average

Tomorrow morning’s low temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average low temps and bluer colors indicating below-average temps. White coloration indicates average temps expected.

Warmest overnight low expected: 88 degrees (red star)

Coolest overnight low expected: 25 degrees (blue star)

Past 24-Hour Precip Totals 

Notice how highlighted the Cumberland Plateau is. Topography played a significant role in Friday’s thunderstorm development.

Drought Outlook 

The drought update is published each Thursday. More even more drought info, please visit

Hurricane Forecast

Two areas of low pressure are being monitoried closely by the hurricane center. Development is expected to be slow but most guideance shows both of these systems developing into a depression or storm by early to mid next week.

MM News

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Other important weather information will be shared when needed. This includes additional severe weather information, model data, drought info, hurricane info, and more. Many of these can be found as tabs to this page at any time.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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