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MM’s Sun Wx Forecast for Sept 11

Visible from the International Space Station, a smoke plume rises from the Manhattan area after two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center. This photo was taken of metropolitan New York City (and other parts of New York as well as New Jersey) the morning of September 11, 2001.
Credits: NASA


MM’s Wx Vlog

This Week’s Hazards

Wx Summary

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be with us throughout our Sunday and Sunday night. Some of that rainfall could be heavy. A strong cold front pushes through by Monday morning, giving us a very fallish feal for the start of our workweek. Hopefully the clouds will break in time to give us some afternoon and/or evening sunshine. The rest of the week is looking mostly sunny and dry.

Five-Day Outlook

Weather Forecast

Sunday: Rain and thunderstorms likely. Some of the rainfall could be heavy.

Monday: Becoming partly cloudy. Cooler.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and cooler. A taste of fall in the air.

Wednesday & Thurusday: Mostly sunny.

Severe Weather Safety 

Just be safe if you encounter an area of heavy rainfall. Our risk is low but not zero for flash flooding today and tonight.



On This Day 

1983- The temperature at Nashville reaches 100 degrees — the latest date ever for a 100 degree reading in Music City.

1773 – Benjamin Franklin writes “There never was a good war or bad peace”.


HRRR Radar Model

This radar simulation is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. tonight.

Past 24-Hour Precip Totals 

I love when you can make a good guess as to which direction the showers moved by looking at the rainfall measured. Notice the streaks in Kentucky from showers that were moving north.

Drought Outlook

The drought map is updated each Thursday, so this is the latest map. Drought conditions continue to improve across the state. Much of the state is now free from dry areas. For more drought info, please see my link at

Estimated population in drought Areas in TN last week = 35,220

Estimated population in drought Areas in TN this week = 16,377


Past 24-Hour Temperature Changes

Bluer colors represent colder temps from 24 hours ago, while redder colors indicate warmer temps from 24 hours ago. 

Today’s High Temps & Departure from Average

Today’s high temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average high temps and bluer colors indicating below-average high temps. White coloration indicates average temps.

Highest temp expected today: 108 degrees (red star)

Coolest high temp expected today: 44 degrees (blue star)

Tomorrow Morning’s Low Temps & Departure from Average

Tomorrow morning’s low temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average low temps and bluer colors indicating below-average temps. White coloration indicates average temps expected.

Warmest overnight low expected: 88 degrees (red star)

Coolest overnight low expected: 27 degrees (blue star)

Hurricane Forecast 

The tropics are unusually quiet for this time of year. We only have one area of disturbed weather to watch and it doesn’t even look too promising. If development occurs, it is expected to be very gradual. The average peak of activity during hurricane season occurs in this coming week of September, however, this year’s “peak week” is looking calm.

Fall Foliage Map



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Other important weather information will be shared when needed. This includes additional severe weather information, model data, drought info, hurricane info, and more. Many of these can be found as tabs to this page at any time.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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