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Ian Makes Landfall

A very powerful high-end cat 4 Hurricane Ian made landfall at 2:05 this afternoon at Cayo Costa, Florida. This is just north of Fort Meyers and about 80 miles south of Tampa. The storm continues to have maximum sustained winds of 150 mph, with higher gusts. The storm was just shy of being a cat 5.

This is a historic hurricane and the name “Ian” is sure to be retired after this season. Keep all those in the path of this storm close to your hearts today and tonight. For even more hurricane info, please visti the National Hurricane Center website at

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  1. Thank you for your information. You are my favorite weather site very informative. I live in that area by dialing Matlacha actually and at 4 o’clock there was 3 foot of water in the streets. Most of the homes are older homes with low elevation. The newer homes have a requirement of 12 feet above sea level. I hope everyone survives I’ll keep him in my prayers.

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