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MM’s Sun Wx Forecast

The Bigfoot festival is October 15th at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds! Go to for more info.


MM’s Wx Vlog

This Week’s Hazards

A few strong storms may be possible Wednesday night and Thursday morning with the passage of a strong cold front. The risk is low but not zero, as things look right now. I’ll keep an eye on it!

Five-Day Outlook

Five-Day Weather Forecast 

Sunday – Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Light winds.

Wednesday: Increasing clouds and warm. Showers possible by afternoon, increasing in coverage overnight.

Thursday: Mainly morning showers. Turning cooler.

Forecast Discussion

My thermometer dipped to 28 degrees ths morning but it’s in a colder spot. The Crossville Airport was 32 degrees at one point this morning. A warmup will begin tomorrow, ahead of our next storm system. The frontal passage Wednesday night could bring about 1/4-1/2 inch of rain, though models are trending drier with that front. Models show conditions being favorable for a few strong storms, so I’ll keep an eye on that.



On This Day 

1980- A unusually warm spell sees temperatures climb to 91 at Nashville, 83 at Crossville — the highest temperatures ever observed on this date at either location.

1963 – Vajont Dam disaster, landslide creates an 800+ foot wave killing around 2,000 in the Piave Valley in Northern Italy.


GFS Model

This model run begins Wednesday morning and ends Friday morning. The front clears out in time for a beautiful weekend for the Bigfoot festival!

Drought Outlook 

Drought conditions worsened over the past week for much of the state. Unfortunately, there continues to be no significant rainfall in sight, so drought conditions are liable to worsen even more over the coming week.

For even more drought info, please visit my link at

Tennesseans in drought conditions last week: 19,584

Tennesseans in drought conditions this week: 669,041 (a substantial increase!)


Past 24-Hour Temperature Changes

Bluer colors represent colder temps from 24 hours ago, while redder colors indicate warmer temps from 24 hours ago. 

Today’s High Temps & Departure from Average

Today’s high temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average high temps and bluer colors indicating below-average high temps. White coloration indicates average temps.

Highest temp expected today: 103 degrees (red star)

Coolest high temp expected today: 29 degrees (blue star)

Tomorrow Morning’s Low Temps & Departure from Average

Tomorrow morning’s low temps are shown below. The coloration indicates departure from average, with redder colors indicating above-average low temps and bluer colors indicating below-average temps. White coloration indicates average temps expected.

Warmest overnight low expected: 81 degrees (red star)

Coolest overnight low expected: 16 degrees (blue star)

Current Snow Cover Map 

 Fall Foliage Map

The foliage map updates each Monday at They also show other areas of the country, in case you’re interested.


MM Classes for Kids

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There are no MM kids classes in October, as I focus on planning the Bigfoot festival. Keep in mind the festival will have a big kids zone and kids 12 & under get in free to the festival.


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You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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