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Tues Evening Wx Update

We continue to look good. Just look for gusty winds to continue into the evening, with some gusts approaching 30 mph. As the line of showers and storms comes through there could be some heavier downpours. The line is moving fast enough to prevent flash flooding. Hopefully, we’ll all see at least half an inch of rain with this.

The line will be moving onto the plateau within the next hour, so hurry home if you’re out and about (if you want to miss the wet driving). The line should be clearing off the plateau by 9:00 or so. The back end of it has already cleared Nashville.

I’ll only update again this evening if needed, which is highly unlikely. Enjoy the rain! We sure can use it!

Radar shows the band of light ot moderate rainfall moving closer to the plateau at 5:50.

2 thoughts on “Tues Evening Wx Update

  1. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I really appreciate you.

    1. Thank you so much, Gerri!

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