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Sunday Night Special Weather Update


Weather Aware Times

Monday Morning

Be safe on area bridges and overpasses in the morning, as they could have slick spots. Freezing drizzle may be concerning in the morning, so be mindful of any ice that may be very hard to see on area roads (black ice) or even on your porch steps, etc.

Any snow accumulation should be primarily on grassy surfaces, but be mindful that the wet roads of this evening could become slick spots for Monday morning. Any snow accumulations at all will only add to the risk for slick spots.

Snow Forecast

Guidance has trended upward just a bit with moisture, which has increased confidence just a bit for some light accumulating snowfall. This is especially true for areas on the western edge of the plateau.

Snow Day Forecast

My confidence has increased just a bit from 20% to 30%. IF you get a snow day, it will likely be because of snow that falls on the western edge of the plateau….Mayland – Monterey -western Fentress County.

There is also the risk for freezing drizzle tonight and in the morning and that could lead to slick spots, as well. Be safe on area roads in the morning. Freezing drizzle can sometimes surprise us with lots of slick roads. While the chance for that is low, it’s certainly not zero. Keep that in mind.

Hourly Temp & Precip Forecast

9:00 a.m. Sunday night to 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. The aqua bar for temp represents when we will likley be dropping to the freezing mark. Temps are located at the base of the bars, while precip chances are located along the precip line.

HRRR Radar Model

This model forecasts possible snowfall accumulation. Keep in mind that this model only measures what falls and cannot discern between what flakes fall and what flakes stick. Nevertheless, this emphasizes the fact that some light accumulation is possible, especially along the western edge of the plateau.

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