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MM’s Wed Wx Forecast

Forecast issued Wednesday, January 25, 2023

For strong winds today and light snow tonight.

Weather Aware Times

Wind Advisory Today

A powerful storm system will bring gusty winds to the plateau today. Some gusts today could top 45 mph. Winds should begin relaxing a bit later this afternoon.

Wednesday Night & Thursday

Light snow is likely Wednesday night and Thursday. Light accumulation looks likely, especially on the western edges of the plateau. I will continue to monitor this closely.

Five-Day Outlook 

MM’s Wx Vlog

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Weather Summary

Strong winds will persist for much of today. Those winds will usher in cooler temps that will be gradually tumbling by lunchtime.

As we get into this evening, more moisture is expected to return. With colder temps, that moisture will be in the form of light snow showers scattered about the plateau. That activity is expected to continue into Thursday. Light accumulation is certainly possible, and caution is advised on roadways tonight and Thursday morning.

Our next storm system arrives late Saturday night with more rain and wind. The unsettled weather continues into next week. Stay tuned!

Hourly Temp & Precip Forecast

9:00 a.m. today to 6:00 p.m. Thursday.

Model Data

This model run of snowfall accumulation runs from 6:00 pm tonight to 6:00 pm Thursday. As you can see, the western edges of the plateau are favored for the best chance for accumulation.

Chance for a Snow Day

The chance for a snow day remains at 60%. If trends today continue to show a bit more snow potential for tonight, my confidence will increase for a snow day. Stay tuned!

Weather Statistics

For the period of midnight to midnight.

On This Day

1837 – At 7 PM a display of the Northern Lights danced above Burlington, Vermont. Its light was equal to the full moon. Snow and other objects reflecting the light were deeply tinged with a blood red hue. Blue, yellow and white streamers were also noted. 

1965 – Alta, Utah, was in the midst of a storm that left the town buried under 105 inches of snow establishing a record for the state. 


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