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MM’s Saturday Forecast

Forecast issued Saturday, March 18, 2023

MM’s 24 -Hour Forecast

The hourly forecast begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

Five-Day Outlook 

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MM’s 24-Hour Wind Forecast

The hourly forecast begins at 9:00 a.m. this morning.

Weather Statistics

For the period of midnight to midnight.

On This Day

1925- An F-4 tornado rips a 60-mile path from near Buck Lodge (eight miles north of Gallatin) to Barren County, Kentucky. Homes are swept away in many communities, including Keytown, Angle, Oak Grove, and Liberty. As many as eight people die in one home. Trees are blown down in steep valleys as well as on hilltops. At least 29 people are killed in Sumner County, with one woman dying from her injuries one month after the tornado. Crossing into Kentucky, the tornado strikes Holland, killing four, and Beaumont, killing eight more. Over 150 homes are damaged or destroyed. There are a total of 41 fatalities, and 95 injuries. This is the 3rd deadliest tornado ever to strike Middle Tennessee.

2002- Widespread heavy rainfall begins during the afternoon of the 17th and lasts into the early morning of the 18th. A total of five persons are killed across Middle Tennessee, with three in Robertson County, one in Lewisburg, and another in Nashville. All five deaths are vehicle-related. Manchester receives the most rainfall — 6.44″ in 24 hours, with Dickson reporting 5.45″, Warner Park (Nashville), 4.12″, and Morrison (Warren County), 3.67″.

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