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Tropical Storm Idalia forms in the Gulf

Tropical Storm Idalia forms….

Hurricane Hunters have found that the depression in the Caribbean has now strengthened into a tropical storm. The system is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by Tuesday and make landfall along the Florida Gulf Coast by Wednesday morning. There are indications that the hurricane could be a cat 2 at landfall, with sustained winds of 96-110 mph and higher gusts. It should be noted that the waters are unusually warm in the eastern Gulf. If atmospheric conditions cooperate, the intensity at landfall could be higher than currently forecast.

Satellite shows the tropical storm just south of the southern Gulf of Mexico, east of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and west of Cuba.

The current track keeps most, if not all, of the effects of Idalia east of our area. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised so see a few showers on the plateau and some breezy conditions. Keep in mind that the cone below only shows the range of possible paths for the center of the storm. Effects are felt far beyond the center. Much of Florida will be adversely impacted by this storm.

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