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MM’s Sunday 5-Day

Weather forecast issued Sunday, September 10, 2023


Watch for showers and storms today.

Tracking a hurricane in the Atlantic.

Big taste of fall coming the middle of this week.

MM’s Local Weather Concerns:

Widespread severe weather is not expected today, but be aware of the dangers of lightning if you have outdoor plans.

Weather Watchers: Please record any rainfall received.

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MM’s 5-Day Forecast

Yesterday’s Weather Statistics

Radar-Estimated Rainfall from Yesterday

On This Day  

1919 – A hurricane struck the Florida Keys drowning more than 500 persons. 

1960 – Hurricane Donna struck the Florida Keys, with winds gusting to 180 mph and a 13-foot storm surge. The hurricane then moved north along the eastern coast of Florida and inundated Naples before moving out to sea. Hurricane Donna claimed 50 lives, injured 1,800 others, and caused more than 300 million dollars damage. The Marathon/Tavernier area was almost completely destroyed, and in the Citrus Belt, most of the avocado crop was blown from the trees. Hurricane Donna wreaked havoc from Florida to Maine, with wind gusts to 100 mph along much of the coast. Hurricane Donna produced wind gusts to 121 mph at Charleston, South Carolina, on the 11th, and wind gusts to 138 mph at Blue Hill Observatory, Massachusetts, on the 12th. The hurricane finally died over Maine two days later, producing more than five inches of rain over the state. 


Hurricane Lee is now a cat 2 storm. Wind shear and dry air have taken a toll on the storm. However, those conditions are expected to become more favorable for Lee and the storm will likely strengthen back into a cat 4 this week. It’s still too early to know if Lee will impact the Northeast. Pictured below is Lee’s track and times of arrival of winds from the storm.

Emergency Services

I’m so proud to be contracted with Crossville City Fire to provide critical weather support for emergency services!

Have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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Disclaimer: This website/app should never be considered your primary source of severe weather warnings. 

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