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Special Sunday Night Wx Update

Special Sunday Night Forecast Issued November 19, 2023

Radar (New!)

Radar brought to you by Creative Compassion ( We’ll get to really try this out Monday night and Tuesday! The numbers are temps and the arrows are wind direction. The numbers with the arrows are wind speeds. I had the developers add that info. Use the options on the left to add or remove features. Zoom in as needed.


MM’s Local Weather Concerns

>ELEVATED FIRED DANGER MONDAY –Outdoor burning of any kind is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED, especially with strong winds in the area. The fire danger will remain until rain starts falling all across the area.

>STRONG WINDS DEVELOPING MONDAY THROUGH TUESDAY (35+ mph) –Secure any outdoor holiday decorations or anything else that may be moved by the wind.

MM’s 5-Day Forecast

Mon-Tue Forecast Rainfall Totals

The forecast rainfall has trended down a bit, but we’re still looking at the best rainfall we’ve had in over two months.

Have a great week and keep lookin’ up!

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Proud to be contracted with Crossville City Fire to provide critical weather support for emergency services!

Other important weather information will be shared when needed. This includes additional severe weather information, model data, drought info, hurricane info, and more. Some of these can be found as tabs to this page at any time.

Disclaimer: This website/app should never be considered your primary source of severe weather warnings. 

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