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Hot July weather continues

We’re already 80 degrees and it’s not even 9:00 a.m. Welcome to July in TN! I noticed that our humidity is higher today than it was this time yesterday too. I told you the humidity wouldn’t stay away for long. I think we’ll squeeze out another dry day today, just hot and more humid. Highs will approach 90 by this afternoon. Tonight, we’ll only drop to about 70. It originally looked like Wednesday would be 100% dry, but with humidity even higher and temps in the upper 80s, you can almost count on an isolated storm somewhere on the plateau. By Thursday those rain chances increase and we’ll see a few more storms around the area. That trend will continue through the weekend. No one day looks like a washout, but you’ll just need to check the radar each afternoon and evening to see where the isolated storms are popping up. We don’t expect anything too severe, but you know how these summer storms can be. They can put down heavy rain, gusty winds, and lots of lightning.

The tropics have looked like they were going to get active, but now things have quietened down again. I’ll keep an eye on that, though.

If you haven’t see the moon this week you’ve really been missing out! It was full a couple nights ago but it is still plenty big and bright. Get out and watch it rise this evening! This pic was taken near Cape Cod, Massachusettes, but it’s been just as pretty down here in good ole TN!

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Hot July weather

I have returned from a weather and aviation conference in Memphis over the weekend. So, you all can relax because you’re weatherman is back! (ha) I wish I had more interesting weather to report but that’s how July goes a lot of times. We’re going to be heating up this week with highs in the mid to upper 80s and lows in the mid to upper 60s. Humidity will be increasing more and more each day as well. We really don’t need to worry about any pop-up t-storms until about Thursday. Those chances will then stay with us through the weekend. It’s basically your heat-of-the-day pop-up storms that mainly occur in the afternoon and evening.

In case you’re having the Monday blues (along with the full moon, you know?), I have a story that may make you feel better. You know you can always go to a meteorologist and get a “things could be worse” story, right? (ha) At this conference I just went to I heard a story about a gentleman who accidentally flew his private plane right smack dab into the middle of a t-storm. He and his wife had flown the route from his home in Virginia to Florida many times and had always managed to divert around any storms. However, this one was moving quickly and he thought air traffic control would guide him around any bad weather. He was wrong. As he entered the storm, which actually became a severe t-storm warning, he was immediately captured by an updraft. He and his wife then endured several minutes of misery as the plane was tossed about like a toy, the propellers ripping off, as well as half the left wing. At one point they were flying upside down with absolutely no idea if they were going up or down. They managed to get tossed out of the storm and crash landed in the middle of a North Carolina corn field. They were seriously injured but survived. In an interview with the National Transportation Safety Board, the wife commented that she would NEVER fly again.

So, there you have it. No matter how rough your Monday morning is, at least your not in a little plane, trapped in a storm, upside down, pieces of your plane ripping off, and certain you’re going to die.

Have a wonderful Monday and be sure and stay cool in this heat!

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More rain and storms

We’ll have to dodge more rain and storms today, folks. We’re already seeing a cluster of storms just south of Nashville at 10:00 a.m. and those will be working their way east, northeast. I’d plan on a stormy afternoon across the plateau. We may see another round later on into the evening. On Friday, our rain chances drop significantly, though there will likely be an isolated storm around somewhere. On Saturday, a front moves in and that will increase rain and storm chances again. That front clears out of here Saturday night and Sunday is a day you want to get out and enjoy! Low humidity and temps around 80 will make for a perfect July day. Enjoy it, because humidity knows how to get back to Tn on the fast route!

I’m on the road to Memphis today where I’ll be at a Aviation and Weather Conference tomorrow and Saturday, so there may be a delay in getting my blog updates. I’ll let you all know how the conference goes!

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Lunchtime update on storms

For those of you headed out for lunch, be aware that we have showers and storms popping up all over the place right now. Torrential rain, frequent lightning, and gusty winds will occur with any storm that develops. There’s nothing severe at this time, but that could change, as we’re in the marginal risk for severe storms. Damaging straight-line winds are the main threat. Just keep an eye to the sky and the radar if you’re headed out this afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions!

Radar at 11:00 a.m. Storms are moving east.