Some good news

Current radar shows scattered showers and some storms across Middle TN this afternoon. Some of the storms in the Nashville area are strong. We could see some strong storms across the plateau, as well, with anything that develops the rest of this afternoon. A couple of those storms may even become briefly severe. Just be aware of that if a storm ends up in your neck of the woods the rest of this afternoon. Widespread severe weather is not anticipated.

For tonight, another batch of storms will move in from the west. However, the sun will have set and instability will be far less than it is now. Severe t-storm watches are in effect for Arkansas until 8:00 pm and those will very likely be extended as far east as Nashville as the evening goes along. But, as those storms move east overnight they are expected to really lose their bunch and by the time they reach the plateau they will just be heavy downpour makers. They will contain gusty winds and lightning but widespread severe weather is certainly not expected.

I just wanted you to be advised of this because you’ll probably see the radar and see the bigger storms in West TN this evening and think they’re coming here. We have the heat and humidity for them, but our atmosphere will become rather hostile toward strong/severe storms as soon as the sun sets. With that being said, a strong storm or two can’t be completely ruled out, but at least we don’t have the threat that West TN has, which could even include an isolated tornado (for them).

Below is the current radar at 3:30  showing scattered showers/storms. It looks like the drive home for you 4:00 ‘clockers should be fine.