NOAA Weather Radio

A NOAA weather radio is a great item to have in your home to warn you and your family of severe weather. The radio is especially helpful for storms that come in the night. The radio will sound an alarm, awaking the family, and allowing everyone to safely take cover.

The NOAA weather radio that I highly recommend is the one by Midland. It has a great reputation and is the one I choose to use in my home and tends to be the radio of choice for most meteorologists. You can buy them at Walmart, Kroger, or on Amazon. If you order one from Amazon you can find the link at

Always make sure the radio is turned on, the antennae extended, and batteries loaded into the belly of the radio. Storms tend to knock out power, so you need to make sure you have the battery back-up.

To program your weather radio, just follow the instructions in the video I made below! As always, make sure you have multiple ways to get warnings.