One more thing about tomorrow’s storms

I just want to add more thing before you all head to bed. You need to keep the weather in the back of your mind again tomorrow. Already, our next batch of storms is developing in Nebraska. This time yesterday, we were seeing our storms tonight develop across western Iowa. These storms can travel hundreds of miles this time of year.

Tomorrow’s storms may pack more of a punch. The Storm Prediction Center has already placed most of TN in the marginal risk for severe storms for Tuesday. Once again, I’ll be tracking them for ya!

Like today’s activity, we may also see storms develop well ahead of the line. Frequent lightning and gusty winds will be the main threat with those storms. The actual line will pose a damaging wind threat with straight-line winds. I’ll monitor that threat as we get into tomorrow and things become more clear.

Pictured below is one of our more reliable models, showing a squall line moving toward TN at 4:00 pm tomorrow. Timing will change, but that gives us a good idea.

Forecast_Template (32)

You can see the storms on radar now, as well as a severe t-storm watch for those storms, on weatherTAP’s RadarLab over western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming.


You all have a good evening. Our storms have weakened for the evening.

I’ll be tracking it all again tomorrow for ya!


8:45 update…and likely the final one

Non-severe storms continue to pass across the plateau. Look for gusty winds, some heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning. That activity you see scattered in the radar beam to our west, over by Nashville, is just humidity being reflected in the radar beam. Once this line moves across the plateau, we should be in for a decent night.

More storms threaten tomorrow and I’ll have a full update on that in the morning. Speaking of morning, wish me luck as I give my NASA talk to the Crossville Breakfast Rotary club! I look forward to telling them all about my NASA adventures, and all the exciting things to come!


8:15 update

The storms I’ve tracked for you all day are finally pushing across the plateau. These started out in Iowa! They’ve certainly traveled a long way.

Thankfully, the Fentress County storm has weakened. Those of us in Cumberland County still have some strong storms moving in. Winds just gusted through Rinnie with the gust front. I’m seeing crazy amounts of lightning to our west. A flood advisory remains in effect for northern Fentress County.