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Drier, prettier days and then HOT

After a very wet and soggy Monday, we’ll be seeing conditions gradually improve today.  Drier air is trying to work in, but this front is slow to move out. We’re starting to see the transition from spring to summer with these fronts, as they get slower and weaker as we get farther into June. Highs today will top out in the upper 70s and the humidity will likely stay high through the day, as well. Tonight, with drier air winning out, we clear out and temps drop to the low 50s. It will feel very pleasant tonight.  Wednesday looks absolutely beautiful, with highs in the lower 70s and very low humidity levels.  Thursday looks to be much of the same, but there’s a disturbance that will bring a chance of shrs and t-storms to the mountains, and I wouldn’t’ be surprised if one or two of those make it to the plateau. It’s only about a 20% chance, if that, but just something to keep in mind. Highs Thursday will once again be in the lower 70s. Both Friday and Saturday are looking good, though temps and humidity levels will be creeping up. Highs on Friday will approach 80, while highs on Saturday will make it into the lower 80s. On Sunday, the heat and humidity get cranking! Sunday’s highs will touch 85 and the humidity will be noticeable higher. Next week looks hot and humid, with isolated to scattered afternoon and evening t-storms each day. Sounds more like summer, right?

Over the weekend, I shared this image on weatherTAP’s social media, with many folks reacting in rather comical ways. See for yourself:


First of all, you’ll notice this is a VERY photogenic tornado. This was actually taken in Alberta, Canada late last week. But what in the world is that guy doing mowing the lawn? Some on social media commented that, “Hey, when the wife says mow the yard you mow the yard!” Another commented that the photographer should have yelled, “Hey! Look behind you!” In an interview with a Canadian newspaper, the wife of the gentleman (the photographer) said she and her husband were “keepin’ an eye on things” and that the tornado was much farther than it looks and moving away.

So, you tell me what’s crazier….chasing tornadoes or mowing your yard during a tornado? Yeah, I’m looking pretty smart now, right? :)


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