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Hot weather and tropical troubles

The heat is on again today, folks! Interestingly, we saw a couple of heavy showers southeast of Ozone Falls this morning. Those have since dissipated. We could see a very isolated storm over the next several days, which is expected when you have this much heat and humidity around. Highs today will climb into the mid 80s, then into the upper 80s/lower 90s for Wednesday and right on through the weekend. Overnight lows will be mild as well, hovering around 70 degrees. Early indications are that we could see another front come in early next week that may bring a relief to the heat and humidity. I’ll keep you posted.

Our temps aren’t the only thing heating up! The tropics are getting active too. Tropical Storm Don developed yesterday evening out in the Atlantic. It’s path takes it along the northern coast of South America, with weakening indicated in about 2 days. Another disturbance behind Don could develop into Tropical Storm Emily within the next couple of days. That storm should stay out to sea and anything that develops should move into a more hostile environment in about three days. The Pacific is really getting fired up too! There’s multiple systems over there, but none appear to be any direct threat to land at this time.


Emily would develop where you see the orange ‘x’.



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