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Heat continues and remembering the moon walk

It’s hot here in Crossville but you don’t have to go far for it to be much worse. While we flirt with 90 degrees the next couple of days, folks over toward Nashville will be flirting with 100. Thank goodness for this plateau, right!? I think tomorrow will be our hottest day, with highs touching 90 and maybe a degree or two above that. We have a slightly better chance for a storm this afternoon and evening, though it’s still slim. A complex of storms near Chicago is sliding southeast and outflow boundaries from that could set off a t-storm during the heat of the day today. We can’t rule out an isolated storm tomorrow, but chances are slimmer than today. By Saturday, the storm chances tick back up a bit and those chances get even greater by Sunday and Monday as a weak cold front approaches. Clouds should keep highs away from the 90-degree mark from Saturday through Monday. After that front clears out of here on Tuesday, we should see lower humidity for the middle to end of next week.

Today marks the 48th anniversary of our first Moon landing! Shortly before 11:00 pm EDT, we heard the words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant lead for mankind” uttered by Neil Armstrong. The move sparked an interest in science for so many kids, and showed the world that the US was technologically superior to everyone. In fact, the technology used in designing the space suits is the same technology used for hazmat suits. Cordless devices were also an invention stemming from the Moon walk mission, among countless other inventions we take for granted today. A total of 12 men have now walked on the moon, with the last being Eugene Cernan in 1972. Since 2009 the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been circling the moon, mapping out the surface in the finest detail. There are currently no plans to return to the moon, but there are definitely plans in the works for a new mission that will take us to Mars. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Pictured below: Armstrong walks on the moon.

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