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Fall-like weather on the last day of July!

We couldn’t ask for better weather for the last day of July! And how about this past weekend? We are definitely in a pattern that I think most people agree is very welcome for this time of year (or any time of the year!). Today, the pleasant weather continues, with low humidity and highs around 80. Tonight, we’ll dip back down to near 60.  The nights here lately have been perfect for giving your AC a break and opening the windows and letting some fresh air in. On Tuesday, we’ll be a degree or two warmer than today and the humidity will be slightly higher, but still a very nice day for us. Humidity levels start to really increase by Wednesday and that humidity will stay high through Friday, though high temps will still stay in the lower 80s, so it won’t be anything like the oppressive humidity that we’ve seen before this last front moved in. We do have some strong storms to be concerned about on Friday, which is something the yard salers will have to watch out for. I might also need to mention that we have isolated storm chances Wednesday and Thursday, too, but those will be very isolated. Friday is definitely the wettest day of the week. But, just hold on, because that stormy weather is due to another unseasonably strong cold front that will bring us another absolutely beautiful weekend next weekend! In fact, it should be exactly like this past weekend!

In other news, we now have Tropical Storm Emily in the eastern Gulf of Mexico! The storm has winds of 45 mph and will make landfall near Tampa later this afternoon. The storm is already producing very heavy rainfall for the southern half of the state. I’ve attached a graphic of the current position and expected path of the storm.  We also have another disturbance farther out in the Atlantic that we’ll be watching over the next week at tracks westward.

You all have a wonderful Monday and let me know if you have any questions!



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