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Rain/storms for Friday, with a beautiful Saturday to follow!

We’re still on track for a beautiful Saturday. Highs will be in the mid 70s, with super low humidity. We may even be in the 50s for lows both Saturday and Sunday morning. But first, today looks to be a carbon copy of yesterday. Highs will be near 80 and there’s a very slight chance for an afternoon storm. Repeat the same forecast for Thursday. By Friday, a strong cold front moves in and storm chances will increase as the day goes along. I think the first half of the day will be fine, with a much greater chance of storms coming Friday evening. Models are suggesting that the storms Friday evening will have the potential to be strong, but severe weather does not look to be an issue, as of now. I’ll keep a watch on it, though.

After a beautiful Saturday, Sunday looks a bit wetter with each new model run. I’d definitely do my outdoor plans on Saturday and not Sunday. Sunday doesn’t look to be a washout, by any means, but there will certainly be some showers around.  Next week continues to look mild and wet with off-and-on chances of rain each day and highs around 80.

Tomorrow I get to visit the Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)! I get to sit in on a shift and watch how the meteorologists work with air traffic control. I was invited after I attended a conference there  few weeks ago about weather’s impact on aviation. I was invited to come back and sit in a shift and I quickly accepted! The Memphis ARTCC services the air space within the blue area within the area that has a ‘star’ for Memphis. They cover the air space all the way to Cookeville. Crossville is covered by the Atlanta ARTCC. If you have any questions for these folks, just let me know! Hopefully, we’ll get at least an isolated storm  in the air space so I can watch the planes be diverted around it. I’ll let you all know how this goes and what I learn! Oh, and if you hear of any aviation conundrum within that area tomorrow, I didn’t do it! 🙂


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