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A pesky front and Franklin makes landfall

This pesky stationary front just will not go away! We’ll see more clouds and showers today, with the possibility of a t-storm thrown in the mix by this afternoon. Isolated showers continue tonight and then pick back up for our Friday. Off and on showers and storms will continue right on through Monday. Highs each day, thanks to the clouds, will struggle to reach 80 degrees. Another 1-2 inches of rain can be expected between now and Monday.  It looks like another strong cold front will surge into the area on Monday night or Tuesday, bringing drier air by the middle of next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some August sunshine!

The first hurricane of the Atlantic season made landfall last night on the east coast of Mexico. The cat 1 storm brought a lot of flooding to the area and more flooding is expected today. Unfortunately, many of the areas it will pass over today are ill-equipped to handle even minimal hurricanes, so the flooding will be catastrophic for those folks. The storm will re-emerge over the Pacific in a day or two and possibly redevelop into another storm.  Franklin is one of those systems who just does not want to die out!

So, today’s weather history is bizarre. There’s nothing much for TN, but there’s been some bizarre weather across the country on this date. On a sad note, in 1924 a twister touched down in Colorado and was very visible for miles. The men of a local Mennonite community all left to render aid to those affected. After they left, the twister made a turn toward their own community, killing a woman and nine children in one house. This is the deadliest Colorado twister in that state’s history. On a more bizarre note, on this date in 1882 there were snow squalls reported in parts of Ohio! Frost was even reported in the suburbs of Chicago.

And then there’s the interesting idea out of Bluefield, West Virginia. In 1939 the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce decided that free lemonade would be served to the town if the temperature ever hit 90 degrees. In 1941, the temp hit 90 and free lemonade was served for everyone.  They come closer to hitting 90 on this date than any other date. During WWII, rations on sugar and fruit jeopardized the new tradition, but when the town hit 90 deg in 1942, the whole town gave up their ration coupons to make lemonade. In the 50s and 60s the religious leaders of the town worried that the free lemonade exploited the young ladies who served the lemonade (wearing shorts)  and the tradition almost ended. That controversy put Bluefield in the national news and ended up making the lemonade tradition more popular than ever.  The things you learn while being a meteorologist…. haha

I’ll keep an eye out for any storms, though I don’t foresee anything too strong. There is still the disturbance out in the Atlantic that needs to be watched. It had a rough night last night and we’ll have to see how it recovers. It wouldn’t be a threat to the US East Coast until next week, if it makes it.

You all have a great day and stay dry! I posted a couple of tropical graphics below of the land-falling Franklin and the disturbance in the Atlantic.



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