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Harvey slow to leave, as usual.

Well, like the folks in Texas and Louisiana learned, once Harvey arrives he likes to stay a while. As models suggested yesterday, but what we hoped wouldn’t come true, is that the remnants of Harvey have slowed a bit, and so the showers are going to linger through about noon. The clouds will likely linger through the afternoon. We likely won’t see any major improvements with our weather until later this evening. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the sun come out just before sunset, though. It should be a nice evening to head to the Fair.

Sunday and Monday still look fantastic. After our chilly highs today in the 60s, we should rebound into the 70s for Sunday and Monday. We may even hit 80 on Monday, as we’ll be on the warm side of an approaching storm system. Monday will be our last chance to hit 80 for quite some time. After the front passes through on Tuesday/Tuesday night with showers and perhaps a t-storm, we’ll see a big drop in our temps. I still expect highs in the 60s for Wed and Thur, perhaps hitting the lower 70s on Friday. Overnight lows will fall into the mid to upper 40s! With the exception of Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday, next week looks rain-free.

As for the tropics, we’re still watching Hurricane Irma. She is way out in the Atlantic and currently a cat 2 storm with winds of 110 mph. She is expected to become a major hurricane again today and will likely become a cat 4 or 5 sometime this weekend. She will be a site to see on satellite! It is still WAY to early to tell if she will hit the US. We won’t know until Wednesday (at the earliest) if she will threaten the US mainland.

You all have a great Labor Day weekend and try to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather Sunday and Monday! Meanwhile, it feels like a hot apple cider or hot cocoa Saturday morning to me!

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