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Another nice weekend in store

The next three days look great! There’ll be lots of sunshine, with highs in the lower 70s and lows around 50. You just can’t beat weather like this! By Sunday afternoon, clouds will begin to increase as our next big frontal system approaches.  That front will bring lots of showers and storms to our area Sunday night and Monday. Rain could be heavy at times but widespread severe weather is not expected. The heaviest activity should end by midnight Monday but a disturbance will park itself over us on Tuesday, which could bring some very cool rain showers. Things should start to clear out on Wednesday, setting the stage for a very chilly night Wednesday night. We could see our first freeze either Wednesday night or Thursday night (or both!).

By Friday, another cold front approaches and that will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air. It’s too early to know too many details with that system but it’ll likely bring little rain and keep temps below normal.

Today is the 147th birthday of the National Weather Service in Nashville! The original office was between Church Street and Union Street in downtown Nashville. That previous February, President Grant signed into law a resolution requiring the Secretary of War to provide weather observations.  The office had a wind vane, anemometer (wind speed measurement) and rain gage all on a well-exposed roof of the building.  U.S. Army Signal Corp Sergeant George H. Witner was the first to establish this site. His tenure would be short, though, as he was relieved of his duties due to an account of drunkeness on the night of January 31, 1871.  He was relieved by Sergeant W. Moore, who was also relieved of these duties due to drunkeness on February 10, 1871 (That must have been a rough winter! ha!). Sergeant Watson then took over  but was fired that August for not transmitting reports promptly (makes ya wonder about his sobriety?). Finally, Sergeant J.H. Gerrard was placed in charge and brought stability to this new weather service office.

I had the opportunity to be a volunteer at the Nashville office for a summer while I was in grad school at Western Kentucky. I remember them telling me about the time the downtown Nashville tornado (1998) took aim at their office just east of Nashville. As they scrambled for the restroom and took cover, the supercell passed overhead. The pressure dropped so much and so suddenly that the toilets flushed on their own! Can you imagine everyone taking cover in there and then wondering who actually flushed a toilet? They have a very interesting sequence of photos on the wall showing that same supercell approach Nashville. You can see the flag over the capital building first blow away from the storm, then toward the storm, then straight up into the storm. That was quite the day!

Don’t forget the meteor shower this weekend! These meteors are created by Halley’s comet.  It should be a good show with awesome viewing conditions! Look southeast. They peak after midnight but are visible all night.

You all have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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