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Better weather is on the way



Severe weather awareness week has kicked off for Tennessee! More info on that can be found just below this section.

These morning clouds and showers will give way to partly sunny skies by this afternoon. The clearing is currently making its way across Middle Tennessee and nearing the western edge of Putnam County at 8:30 a.m. That sunshine will be with us through tomorrow! Get out and enjoy the weather on Tuesday, because we’re going to be smacked with more heavy rainfall Wednesday and Thursday. Temps will remain mild, so at least we have that going for us. Our next chance of sunshine comes Friday, along with temps that will be more seasonal for this time of year.

And yes, I am still expecting sunshine this coming weekend. A pretty weekend? Is it even possible? I guess we will see! ha


Flooding and flash flooding kills more people in the world than any other form of severe weather. In the US, most of those deaths occur in vehicles when people try to drive across flooded roadways. Folks get in a hurry and they don’t think they have time to turn around and seek an alternate route. Plus, what are the chances that you’ll actually get swept away? And what are the chances you’ll die? And, surely, the road is ok…it just has some water running across it. These are the final thoughts of too many folks every year in the US. Turn around, don’t drown.  You have no idea what condition the road is in under that flood water, or if it’s even still there!

Thankfully we’re pretty protected up here on the plateau. We do have our trouble spots, though, so we have to be mindful of those. And areas along our streams are always susceptible to rapid rises in water. The worst flooding we’ve ever seen in Tennessee occurred over around the Nashville area the first weekend of May 2010. Nashville picked up 13.57 inches in only two days! The city flooded worse than the New Orleans area did during Katrina. You didn’t hear as much about that because Tennessee’s emergency management is leaps and bounds better than  Louisiana’s, and we were much better equipped to handle such a  phenomenal disaster. I learned this while working for TEMA and having to work the evacuation of New Orleans during the threatened landfall of Hurricane Gustav (2008). Plus, the oil rig that spilled so much oil into the Gulf of Mexico occurred at the same time, stealing national headlines.

We are certainly going into this spring on a wet note! Here in Crossville we’ve had 10.62 inches of rain, with 9 of those inches falling in February. That more than makes up for the dry January we had. The threat of flooding certainly exists this week, as we have yet another 2-3 inches of rain on the way for Wednesday-Thursday.

Below is the hazard map for this week, with the threat of flooding being highlighted for a large portion of Tennessee.



I’ll keep this brief since we have severe weather awareness week taking up a lot of space here. I just basically want to mention that we may have to deal with some strong storms Wednesday night. I don’t think it will be a big deal,but areas to our west are being highlighted for that potential, and some of those storms could stay a little rowdy as they move into our area during the overnight hours. I’ll keep an eye on it!

Below is the severe weather outlook for Wednesday, showing the greatest threat being over the lower Mississippi River Valley region.


Our hearts are with all those who have been injured or lost in this weekend’s storms. A lot of folks are having to clean up a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the lives lost ended a 283-day record-breaking streak of no deaths from tornadoes in the US.

I hope you all have a great day and be thankful this weekend’s storms were easy on us here on the plateau. We could be picking up debris, rather than complaining about another wet Monday morning.

I’ll leave you with this meme I saw on social media this weekend. I think everyone is ready for the rain spigot to shut off for a while! ha




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